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NYC Artists Benfit - End The Occupation

The knitting factory's main room was more than full most of the evening, the proceeds of which will go to Gush-Shalom, Al-Mezan, and Ta'ayush. If only some 40 people were still there by the end, surely this was because of the surprisingly long lineup that lasted almost five hours. Here's to the next time...


21 Apr. 2002

I'm still missing one name... if you know the guy, please contact me with the details.

click for larger image:


Marc Ribot opened as MC.

Kathy Engel.

Marty Ehrlich with Mark Dresser

Frank London with Bred Shepik

Anthony Coleman


Ammiel Alcalay

David Soldier and Eszter Balint

Barbara Barg

Newman Baker

Kinan Azmeh (clarinet)

help me find this artist's name!

Roy Nathanson

Zafer Tawil

Ghassan Fawzi

DJ Muta Massik

Oren bloedow

Shazad Ismaili

Jennifer Charles, and Sebastian Steinberg

 Raz Messinai


 Marc Ribot