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MITA'AM - A Review of Literature and Radical Thought, Edited by Yitzhak Laor


STEEPED : In The World of Tea. A Literay anthology



Picnic Grounds: A Novel in Fragments

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Cover art

Partition Line, by David Goss

Partition Line (oil on canvas, 2002) by David Goss

page 1


One Afternoon

A PROFESSOR OF HISTORY from Bayit Va-Gan took his family for a picnic in a quiet pinewood near Giv’at Shaul, formerly known as Deir Yassin. It was not too cold to be in the shade and not too warm to build a fire, so the professor passed on to his son camping skills he had acquired in the army. They arranged three square stones in a U, to block the wind, leaving access on the fourth side. They stacked broken branches on top of twigs on top of dry pine needles. He let his son put a match to it. Listening carefully, they heard a faint low hum from the curves of the winding highway, hidden from view by the trees. The professor did not talk of the village, origin of the stones. He did not talk of the village school, now a psychiatric hospital, on the other side of the hill. He imagined that he and his family were having a picnic, unrelated to the village; enjoying its grounds outside history.



100 Gr. by David Goss

100 Gr. (oil on wood parquet, 1999) by David Goss.