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2000-2001 Archive


The Death of Ariel Sharon
Andrew L. Wilson
24 Oct 2003

It was snowing lightly in Jerusalem (by which I really mean if it were to be snowing lightly in Jerusalem), a side-driven windy snow late in the day when Ariel Sharon left the Knesset with his bodyguard, if he were to do so, and traveled the short distance by armored car to his home, and after a light dinner with wine and television went to bed somewhat early in the darkness with snow still rushing outside, a snow so fine and spare it would be evaporated by morning . . .

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From the Hebrew Press:
"A Small Country,
With a Moustache
Yehuda Nuriel
10 Oct 2003, Zman Tel-Aviv

Following publication on this site, this article was excerpted in Haper's Magazine's April issue, under the title "Blood and Soil." Here's the full piece that made Israeli daily Ma'ariv's editor to sack its author, columnist Yehuda Nuriel.

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Book Review:
My Glorious Brothers
Daphna Baram
9 July 2003, Oxford

Ronit Chacham's book of interviews with refuseniks, Breaking Ranks (Other Press), tells the fascinating story of how one step of defiance can lead to deeper politicization. A moving and fascinating read.

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Art: Meir Gal
Three Times Longer, Twice As Tall

Shedhalle, Zurich
17 May - 6 July 2003

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Art: Einat Leader
Limbus Gallery, Tel-Aviv
16 May - 13 June 2003
accompanying text by Oz Shelach

Einat Leader, D-9

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Document: "Some of us have lived through 1939", email exchange between the American Physical Society, and Dr. Daniel Amit
posted 12 May 2003

Israeli Chief of Staff Ye'elon Blames Palestinians for Peace Worker Killings by the Army
16 Apr. 2003
Transcript from interview to Israeli Military Radio (Galey Tzahal)

South Hebron Mountains: For Trying to Plow Their Land
3 Feb. 2003
Neve Gordon and Catherine Rottenberg

The Return of the Gas Mask: Training Civilians for War on Iraq
1 Feb. 2003

International Solidarity:Canadian Human Rights Activist Kidnapped by Undercover Israeli Forces in West Jerusalem
8 Jan. 2003, West Jerusalem
Neta Golan

art review: Recreating The Invention of Israeliness, Victoria Hanna at the opening of Yigal Nizri's exhibition
7 Jan. 2003
Sigal Eshed

action report: Christmas Eve In Bethlehem
27 Dec. 2002
Neve Gordon

Haaretz's Double Standard: ommissions from the Egnlish edition
12 Dec. 2002

Student Walk-Out NYC: Traffic Blocked, Union Sq. Overflow
20 Nov. 2002

Not In Our Name: Thousands On Central Park's East Meadow
6 Oct. 2002

Distraction, Fear, and Self Adulation
6 Oct. 2002
Neve Gordon

Shministim Letter to Sharon: 215 Israeli Youths Pledge to Refuse the Occupation
17 Sep. 2002

9/11 Anniversary:

Sponsoring a Child in Palestine
updated 7 Sep. 2002
Shirabe Yamada, Dheisheh Refugee Camp, Occupied Palestine

Bethlehem After The Withdrawl
Shirabe Yamada
23 Aug. 2002, Dheisheh Refugee Camp, Occupied Palestine

Refugees on Hunger Strike in Jerusalem
Alternative Information Center
13 Aug. 2002

Another Sleepless Night + Photo Gallery
Shirabe Yamada
9 Aug. 2002, Dheisheh Refugee Camp, Occupied Palestine

Demolition Diary + Photo Gallery
Shirabe Yamada
8 Aug. 2002, Dheisheh Refugee Camp, Occupied Palestine

hi from gaza + Photo Gallery
Shirabe Yamada
3 Aug. 2002, Gaza Strip, Occupied Palestine

Confining Time
Shirabe Yamada
29 Jul. 2002, Dheisheh Refugee Camp, Occupied Palestine

No Internet, No Protests
Palestinian Human Rights Monitor Group
19 Jul. 2002

Israel Awards Special Honors Medals to Jenin and Nablus War Criminals
Sergio Yahni, AIC
4 June. 2002

State Attorney's Internal Report Reveals: Hundreds of Detainees Were Cuffed, Blindfolded For Days, On the Ground, In the Rain (also in Hebrew)
Uri Blau, Kol Ha'ir Magazine
24 May. 2002

Ta'ayush Partner, Sarah Karaje's Husband Executed
18 May. 2002

McCarthyism in Israel: Critical Professor Faces Expulsion from Haifa University
Ilan Pappe
12 May. 2002

Gaza Invasion Blue Prints Define Goals: Crush PA Institutions; Prepare Ground for New Administrationm (also in Hebrew)
Uri Blau, Kol Ha'ir Magazine
9 May. 2002

American Jews Against Israeli Government: New Jewish Coalition Wants to Take on AIPAC
Donna Spiegleman, Brit Tzedek v'Shalom, founding member
9 May. 2002

Action notes:Solidarity Visit in Beit Jalla
Yigal Bronner, Ta'ayush
5 May. 2002

new 124 signers list: Youths To Sharon: We Will Refuse to Participate In State Terrorism (see also: Hebrew)
3 May. 2002

End The Occupation Benefit Concert at The Knitting Factory
21 Apr. 2002

Jews! Stand Up and Be Counted!
Uri Davis
11 Apr. 2002

Photos: Solidarity March Across Brooklyn Bridge
6 Apr. 2002, NYF

Enough! - An appeal against the War of the Settlements
31 Mar. 2002

War on Palestine Updates:
30 Mar. 2002

IDF Gaza Orders Were Clear: Maximize Palestinian Casualties (also in Hebrew)
Uri Blau
22 Mar. 2002, W. Jerusaelm

The Reoccupation
updated 14 Mar. 2002, 11am EST

Sharon Strives for War
Neve Gordon
2 Mar. 2002

IDF Chief Attorney's Measures Success: Over 1,000 Deaths, Only 2 Indictments (Also in Hebrew)
Uri Blau, Kol Ha'ir Magazine
1 Mar. 2002

IDF Snuff Culture 2: Troopers Toy With Corpse's Head; Elite Units Sprays Dead Bodies with Bullets (Also in Hebrew)
Uri Blau and Yosi Saidov, Kol Ha'ir Magazine
15 Feb. 2002

Jerusalem Mayor's Policy: Racial Profiling of Houses
Eyal Hareuveni, Kol Ha'ir Magazine
8 Feb. 2002

Photos: Free Palestine at the WEF Protests
2 Feb. 2002, NYC

Little Switzerland: Israel Hides Information on Refugee "Moveable Property"
Adalah News Update
28 Jan. 2002

Israel Plans 15 Hit Assassination Operation
Uri Blau, Kol Ha'ir Magazine
25 Jan. 2002

Sayed Kashu'a's new Book (Also in Hebrew)
Daphna Baram
18 Jan. 2002

Ta'ayush Convoy Breaks Through
Neve Gordon
11 Jan. 2002

Blame It On The Sergeant (Also in Hebrew)
Uri Blau, Kol Ha'ir Magazine
11 Jan. 2002, W. Jerusalem

Running Into The Murderer
Neta Golan, Ta'ayush
From an email distributed by Rabbis For Human Rights

To Arrest or To Execute  (also in Hebrew)
Uri Blau, Kol Ha'ir Magazine
11 Jan. 2002, W. Jerusalem

Bethlehem, Christmas 2001
Shirabe Yamada
26 Dec. 2001, Dheisheh Refugee Camp

Free Palestine Vigil in NYC
5 Dec. 2001, NYC

A Year of Assassinations: The Balance Sheet
Arnon Regular, Kol Ha'ir Magazine [trnsl:]
16 Nov. 2001, W. Jerusalem

4 Days of Re-Occupation + Letter From Dheisheh
Shirabe Yamada
21 Oct. 2001, NYC

Bethlehem Occupied
Shirabe Yamada
21 Oct. 2001, NYC

IDF Snuff Culture: Soldiers Publish Trophy Photos With Enemy Kill
5 Oct. 2001, W. Jerusalem
Uri Blau, Kol Ha'ir Magazine

Define Sniper Rifle Non-Lethal And Get Easier Demo Dispersal
26 Sep. 2001, W. Jerusalem
Uri Blau, Kol Ha'ir Magazine

Who Defines "Terrorism, How, And To What End?
Neve Gordon

Refusenik Letter Update
22 Sep., 2001

The New Manhattan Skyline (Also in Hebrew)
11 Sep., 2001 NYC
Oz Shelach

Israeli Citizens Applaud Durban
3 Sep., 2001

Shirabe's Report #21:
Global Campaign Against Israeli Apartheid
Shirabe Yamada
31 Aug., 2001, Durban, South African

"We Will Obey Our Conscience and Refuse to Take Part in IDF Crimes" (Also in Hebrew)
Israeli youths' letter to PM Ariel Sharon
 Updated  3 Sep., 2001

From Dheisheh to Durban
Shirabe's Report From Palestine #20
 August 28, 2001

Soldiers Harass and Rob, Palestinians
Israeli Army Reluctantly Admits Widespread Practice
Gidi Weitz, Kol Ha'ir Magazine, W. Jerusalem

August 23, 2001

A Hunting Story
Executing Suspects, Israeli Police Calls it 'Interception'
August 17, 2001

Ibrahim's Homecoming
Shirabe's Report From Palestine #19
August 10, 2001

A Long Sleepless Night
Shirabe's Report From Palestine #18
August 9, 2001

Letter From A refusnik
David Hacham-Herson, Military Prison No. 4, Israel
August 5, 2001

Dining by the Rockets
Shirabe's Report From Palestine #17
August 5, 2001

"Israeli Soldiers Participated in the Massacre"
'Surprise in Israel by Sabra and Shatila Survivors' Testimonies in the complaint against Sharon
August 3, 2001

Israel Started Cleansing Jerusalem Right After The Occupation
Former Military Governor Confirms
July 26, 2001

Red Sparks in the Sky
Shirabe's Report From Palestine #16
July 22, 2001

Belgian Lawyer Visits Israel to Gather Evidence Against Sharon
July 20, 2001

Bethlehem on Fire
Shirabe's Report from Palestine #15
July 17, 2001

Notes  from a visit to Palestine/Israel
Oz Shelach
July 8, 2001

A Petition Regarding Azmi Bishara's Speech in Syria and the Brutal attacks Against him
June 13, 2001

Special Feature: The Complete Shirabe's Report From Palestine 
June 12, 2001

34 Years of Occupation: How Much Longer?
A Call for Action from The Coalition of Women for A Just Peace
June 5, 2001

Ohel Yizkor for the Nakba (Also in Hebrew)
A review of Emily Jacir's Memorial to 418 Palestinian Villages which were Destroyed-Depopulated and Occupied by Israel in 1948, P.S.1 Museum International Studio Program, The Clocktower Gallery, NYC.. 
Oz Shelach 
May 21, 2001

More Than Just A Tent 
A Memorial for destroyed Palestinian Villages at PS1 Museum in NYC, and
the community that helped make it 
Apr. 2001, NYC

Israeli Citizens Appeal for International for  Intervention in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 
Apr. 27, 2001

Sabba, how do you say, in Hebrew, Decolonization?
Oz Shelach 
Apr. 6, 2001

A Sit-In by the Road Block
Shirabe's Report from Palestine #13 
Jan. 19, 2001  Dheisheh Camp

Two Prisoners' Homecoming
Shirabe's Report from Palestine #12 
Jan. 12, 2001  Dheisheh Camp

Vote NO! for Chief-Occupation-Administrator
Elections Guerrila-Art: Eynat Leader, David Goss, Ido Amin, Oz Shelach, 
Jan. 17, 2001

Tantoura Massacre Case Closed,  Palestinian Testimonies Prevented
Samera Esmair Reports from the Court in Tel-Aviv: 
Dec. 22, 2000, Tel-Aviv

Not In Our Name
Jews Worldwide Speak Out Against Israel's Abuse of Palestinian Human Rights 
Dec. 11, 2000

Sarah Lawrence Students Disappointed by Americans-for-Peace-Now Speaker
Dec. 8, 2000

How We Stopped Netanyahu
Berkeley activists scared him out of California
Nov. 29, 2000

Israelis & Palestinians Call to Stop The Massacre
Guerrilla-Theater by the Israeli Consulate in NYC: Video, Photos, Report
(souvenir headline, web site no longer there)

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