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34 Years of Occupation, How Much Longer?


The Coalition of Women for a Just Peace

5 Jun. 2001

Join the international days of action against the Israeli occupation - stand up for human rights and justice.

This Weekend activists will be marking the 34th year of the Israeli occupation by a series of public actions in Israel, Palestine, and cities throughout the world.

We invite you to join in solidarity with an event sponsored by the Coalition of Women for a Just Peace, in cooperation with like-minded organizations: A mass vigil of Women in Black, joined by men dressed in black on Friday, 8 June, 2001, in West Jerusalem, Israel.

On or about that day, women and men from all over the world will hold their own "Women in Black" vigils that call for an immediate end to the occupation.

Vigils are already planned in: Australia (5 locations), Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada (6 locations), Denmark, Egypt, England (3 locations), France (6 locations), Germany (5 locations), Israel (11 locations), Ireland, Italy (20 locations), Maldive Islands, Mexico (2 locations), Northern Ireland, Portugal, Scotland, Serbia, Spain (6 locations), Sweden (2 locations), Switzerland (4 locations), The Netherlands, and Turkey.

In the USA vigils are planned in: Abilene TX, Albuquerque NM, Amherst MA, Ann Arbor MI, Arcata CA, Ashland OR, Atlanta GA, Baltimore Maryland, Berkeley CA, Boston MA (2 vigils), Burlington VT, Cambridge MA, Chapel hill NC, Charlottesville VA, Chicago IL, Corpus Christie TX, Denver CO, Eugene Or, Fairfield Bay Arkansas, Gainesville FL, Harrisburg PA, Hartford CT, Honolulu Hawai'i, Houston TX, Iowa city Iowa, Ithaca NY, Jefferson City MO, Kansas City MO, LA CA, Lake Junaluska NC, Lancaster PA, Lansing MI, Louisville KY, Madison WI, Martha's Vineyard MA, Memphis Tennessee, Milwaukee WI, Minneapolis MN, New Haven CT, NY City NY, Northampton Ma, Palo Alto CA, Petaluma CA, Philadelphia PA, Portland OR, Sacramento CA, St. Louis Missouri, San Diego CA, SF CA, San Jose CA, Santa Fe NM, Seattle WA (4 vigils), Syracuse NY, Tucson AZ, Washington DC, White Plains NY,and Woodstock NY.

Organizing your own vigil:

Hold a solidarity vigil wherever you live. The principle is simple, and can be done by one person or a group: Wear black, hold signs that say "End the Israeli Occupation," and stand for one hour in a public location. You can hold this vigil ata time and place that is convenient for you.

The more vigils = the more impressive the media coverage = the more the political leadership around the world will get the message: This occupation is unacceptable. Period.

If you are planning to organize a vigil in your city, please contact Bat Shalom immediately at with the following information:

LOCATION:City and Country