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Free Palestine Vigil in NYC

5 Dec. 2001

Dozens of New Yorkers gathered Tuesday evening, 4 Dec., outside the Israeli Consulate on 2nd Ave. to protest Israel's recent increase in its attacks on Palestinians in the Occupied Territories. Consulate workers, who were coming out of work, stopped to look at the protest. For long minutes they stared at the picket line and heard the chants: "We Want Jobs! We Want Peace! US Out of the Middle East!"

The vigil was organized by the NY-NJ chapter of Al-Awda, and by the Intentional Action Center. Among the participants were activists from the Vieques Solidarity Movement, Jews Against The Ocuupation, Young Spartacus Club, Israel CO organization Yesh Gvul, the International Socialist Organization, and other groups. There were Palestinians, Arabs from other countries, Israelis, Muslims, Jews, Christians, and plain ol'Americans.

At publication time we are aware of similar vigils that were held this week in London, Barcelona, Boston, and Berkeley. if you participated in additional protests (and per chance have photos??) please email me (link disabled).

Hebrew sign is a quote from a poem by Israeli poet Yitshac Laor, literal trans.: "And in the war between occupiers and rebels, my son, be with/ The traitors, hear the voice of your ancestors, the Jews." 

Patterns of Abuse

Ori Kleiner, Jun. 2004
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