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   A Heart Warming Spirit of Solidarity Ran Through The WEF Protest in NYC today, dozens of thousands of activists, rallied around the Waldorf hotel, where thousands of the world leaders held conference with their corporate sponsors. Scroll down for more photos

   2 Feb. 2002, NYC

In spite of immense police presence, demonstrators marched, sang, chanted, performed street theatre and beat the demo drums, although even these were sometimes overpowered by police choppers that hovered overhead. The Palestine delegation marched with Reclaim the Streets, and Oh, what a playful jolly crowd it was. Hundreds of "We Are All Palestinians" stickers were distributed and worn by marchers. Here are some of the slogans, signs and sites:

"Stop the US War Machine: From Palestine to the Philippines!"

"Palestina Argentina Viva Viva Intifada!"

This penis baloon was inscribed: WEF Screws Us All

"Brick by brick
Wall by wall
Corporate Rule is gonna fall!"
"From New York, to Seattle
There ain't no Freedom without a battle!"
Song (sang to the tune of "John Brown's body lies rotting in the grave," aka "Glory Glory Hallelujah"):
Georgie, Georgie have a pretzel
Georgie, Georgie have a pretzel
Georgie, Georgie have a pretzel
Motherfucker choke on it!

The Globalization Dragon was cheered and applauded as it swirled throughout the rally.

Patterns of Abuse

Ori Kleiner, Jun. 2004
 Israeli Emigrants Guide:
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