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Free Tali Fahima

Tali Fahima, a 28 years old independent solidarity activist from Kiryat-Gat has committed the worst crime an Israeli can, she crossed the barriers to work with Palestinians in Jenin refugee camp, and befriended a militant. Join the International Solidarity campaign for her release, and visit the campaign web site:

the petition team

24 Sep. 2004

Write to Tali Fahima, and the letters will reach her.

Her address:

Tali Fahima

Neve Tirza Prison

PO Box 297

72100 Ramle

666 people have already signed the petition, which was published in Haaretz on Sep. 13 (90 inches = 24 x 38 centimeters). Placing the ad cost 12,000 Shekels, and only 5,000 Shekels have so far been collected from 50 endorsers (20 to 200 Shekels a person). We would like to place another ad before the high court session, for which we need donations and additional signatures (about 100 signatures have reached us after the ad was published.

To sign this petition, email your full name in Hebrew and Egnlish to

Donations of 100 Shekels (or as you are able to donate) should be sent to PO Box 1335, Kfar Saba, Zip code 44113, or by transferring money to Account #119442, Bank Hapoalim, Branch #679. Write the check to the Coalition HQ, and mark it for the Talli Fahima petition.

NB! The holidays, and the strike may have delayed the checks you have sent. Please email to let us know if you have sent a check in the mail, or transferred money, and what sum was.

A better year to all of us,

The petition team.


Free Tali Fahima - petition


We call for Tali Fahima's release from administrative detention imposed on her by the Minister of Security, after a month long arrest by the police, all based on false accusations by the Shabak (General Secret Service). We object to Tali Fahima's detention, any kind of detention, because we are convinced the government has no grounds to charge her. Tali Fahima is not a spy, nor is she an activist against the security of Israel, as claimed by the government. She is an agent of peace and solidarity on behalf of the disillusioned and sane voices in this hell created by the Israeli policy of occupation.

Tali Fahima is an individual without an organization or a movement. In her personal, innocent way, she works to bring Palestinians and Israelis closer, and in the hardest, apparently impossible places. The government of Israel, through the Shabak, persecutes Tali Fahima without any real charges, and we regret to see the court serve as a rubber stamp for these acts of persecution, the way it does in many other cases.

Has the Israeli government no business left except to persecute a young caring woman whose sole crime is trying to meet, and to understand the situation of Palestinians, and to try on her own to help Palestinian children -- whose life under the cruel occupation are not worth living, pushing them in one way only? We believe the Israeli government is afraid of the crack that Tali Fahima has made in the walls of apartheid and occupation; on her own, and with great courage. The Israeli government continues to operate as a police state, thinking that forcefully silencing Tali Fahima would deter and prevent other women and men from following her groundbreaking path.

We do not believe the claims of the Shabak, which blind the court and distract it from seeing the truth, because we believe Tali Fahima's own truth. Only after the Shabak gave up on recruiting her as an agent, did it decide to arrest her and bring her to trial on groundless charges, in order to silence her clear brave voice. But we can still hear her loud and clear, and we call everyone to join this appeal, demanding that Tali Fahima be released immediately, and drop all the Israeli government's false allegations against her.


734 Endorsers (Oct. 4, 2004):