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Third Batch of High-School Refuseniks

Hundreds of soon-to-be-drafted youths publish a declaration of refusal to take part in the occupation. One is already in military prison. They are asking for help to keep organizing and mobilizing

High-School Refuseniks

18 Mar. 2005

a week ago, on Monday the 13th of March, more than 250 Israeli high-school students sent a letter to the Prime-minister, the Minister of Defense, the Minister of Education and the Military Chief of Staff, declaring that they will refuse to take part in the occupation of the Palestinian people and territories.

The letter attracted a lot of media coverage in Israel and around the world. It was published in the front page of Yedioth Ahronot, the most popular newspaper in Israel. Members of our group talked on more than 40 different radio and television shows in Israel. We gave interviews to international networks like CNN, and also received a lot of coverage in the Arabic media in Israel, in the occupied territories and in neighboring countries.

The media coverage was extraordinary, much more than we expected. But, however, there are other things which are much more important. We are not abandoning the political action on the street, face-to-face with the common people. Two weeks ago we held a demonstration in front of the Military Jailhouse, in order to show solidarity and support for Yahel Avigur, a conscientious objector who has been jailed for more than a month now.

Last Saturday, when 10,000 Israelis held a large demonstration in Tel-Aviv calling for a pullout from Gaza, we distributed more than 5,000 manifests, warning the public that while Sharon is talking about a pullout from Gaza- he keeps on building new settlements in the West Bank.

On Tuesday, the 22nd of March, we escorted two of our members- Alex Cohn and Eyal Brami, to the military recruiting station in Tel-Aviv. Alex and Eyal, both 18, were supposed to be drafted for combative units which serve in the occupied territories. They approached at the recruiting station, escorted by more than 100 of us who came to support them, and announced that they refuse to take part in the occupation. Eyal was immediately sentenced and arrested, and he will soon be moved to the military jail. Alex will go over the same process in only 13 days.

In the coming weeks we plan to hold a very large demonstration in support of Alex and Eyal, and also in support of Israeli infantry soldiers who refused to perform reserve duty in the West Bank and are currently in jail.

In order to arrange and perform all of these important activities, as well as many important activities in the near and far future, we need your help. We are currently only beginning our long and consistent fight against the occupation, and we are short of financial resources. We know that few are the people nowadays who will feel happy to give up their money, but we are asking you to make a small donation so that we can make our action effective and consequential.

How to help?

Money can be sent to our bank account, which is: account 311287, Bank "Otzar Ha-Hayal", branch 344, Rishon-LeTzion (Israel).

If you prefer to sent money by check or in cash, please write back to this E-mail and we will contact you:

In just a matter of days we will put up our new website, from which it will be possible to send donations online. We will give an update regarding that.

Thanks a lot for you help and attention


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