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Final Declaration: The Second Right of Return and Just Peace Conference in Nazareth

Ilan Pappe
16-18 Dec. 2005

Hundreds of Palestinians and Jewish activists gathered in Nazareth for a three days conference on the Palestinian Right of Return. The first day, overshadowed by Israeli authorities' refusal to allow Qasim Qasim, a representative of the refugees network in Europe, to enter the country and participate in the conference. Participants could listen to Qasim's speech through a phone call. Other participants came from the occupied territories and the exilic communities around the world. Discussions on the second day produced the following declaration. The third day is dedicated to visits to the destroyed villages of Palestine.

Appeal of the Israeli Action Committee for the Palestinian Prisoners and Detainees

Israeli Action Committee for the Palestinian Prisoners and Detainees
31 Aug. 2005

To change routine denial of parole to long-serving Palestinian 'security prisoners,' commutie the sentences of long-serving prisoners including those holding Israeli citizenship, equate the conditions of incarceration of those classified as 'security prisoners,' equating them to those of other prisoners.

Recreating the Children's Theatre of Jenin Refugee Camp

“Arna Free Theatre” association
24 Aug. 2005

Press Release: Friends and colleagues of Arna, community leaders in Jenin Refugee Camp, and the local staff of a child rehabilitation centre are recreating Arna’s children theatre in Jenin in order to educate, encourage, and empower the children; that is: to provide them with a “real” childhood, with creative means of expressing themselves, with some light and hope.

International Campaign to Free Tali Fahima

The Committee for the immediate release of Tali Fahima
Alternative Information Center
24 Jun. 2005

Free Tali FahimaOn Sunday, July 17th, Tali Fahima's trial sessions will be continued. On this occasion, we are calling on all solidarity movements around the world to join us and let the people of the world and the State of Israel know that the persecution and unjust incarceration of the woman who represents hope for a future of friendship and commonality between Palestinians and Israelis will not pass unnoted

special coverage: Interview with Tali Fahima, Letter: Camp Residents Send Love, Support Petition, Daphna Baram: Why Rebels Must Be Middle Class, Lin Dovrat: Who Is Afraid of Tali Fahima?

Third Batch of High-School Refuseniks Ask for Your Help
High-School Refuseniks
18 Mar. 2005

A week ago, on Monday the 13th of March, more than 250 Israeli high-school students sent a letter to the Prime-minister, the Minister of Defense, the Minister of Education and the Military Chief of Staff, declaring that they will refuse to take part in the occupation of the Palestinian people and territories.

also in: Spanish

Interview  with Tali Fahima

Rona Segal, Ha'Ir Magazine
English: oznik.com
6 Oct. 2004

In September 2003 a young Israeli woman visited Jenin refugee camp and met with Zakariye Zbeide, leader of Fateh militants in the camp. Another visit to Jenin, and the dangerous words she spoke have landed her, almost a year later, in an Israeli prison, under administrative arrest (read: without a trial). In the following interview, published in Ha'Ir magazine in February 2004, Fahima narrates her experience.

Michelin Guides Try to Outlaw Israel-Critical Spoof

Shimon Tzabar
Updated 19 Oct. 2004

Much Better than the Official Michelin Guide to Isreli Prisons, Jails, Concentration Camps and Toture ChambersSatirical pamphlet titled "Much Better than the Official Michelin Guide to Isreli Prisons, Jails, Concentration Camps and Toture Chambers," is taken to court. We bring you an excerpt from the guide, and the letter of defense submitted to the British High Court in London.




El-Nakba never stops
David Shulman
15 May. Nakba Day 2004

As the governmet was working on creating a new wave of (2nd and 3rd time) refugees in Gaza, some activists visited a West Bank site of earlier, as well as ongoing destruction of indigenous life. Report, and useful links


Vanunu Free at Last
Rachel Leah Jones
21 Apr. 2004

Proud of having exposed Israel's nuclear arsenal, of having withstood 18 years of prison (of them 12 years in solitary confinement), Mordechai Vaanunu walked out today, and called for complete nuclear disarmament of the middle east . Fillmmaker Rachel Jones reports from outside the prison gates

Microsoft Sponsors
Israeli Military Radio

Oz Shelach
26 March, 2004

A letter to Microsoft executives, asking them to terminate company sponsorship of the IDF's radio station.

Call for Action:
Living in the Shadow of Death, Gays Between Fundamentalism and Occupation
Neve Gordon
27 Nov 2003, Jerusalem

The police officer shoved the Palestinian into the patrol car. “This time,” he said, “we are going to take care of you; I will personally make sure that you are sent back to where you came from.” For Fuad Moussa, a 27-year-old gay man who grew up in Ramallah, these words amounted to a death sentence.


Document: "Some of us have lived through 1939", email exchange between the American Physical Society, and Dr. Daniel Amit
posted 12 May 2003

Israeli Chief of Staff Ye'elon Blames Palestinians for Peace Worker Killings by the Army
16 Apr. 2003
Transcript from interview to Israeli Military Radio (Galey Tzahal)

South Hebron Mountains: For Trying to Plow Their Land
3 Feb. 2003
Neve Gordon and Catherine Rottenberg

The Return of the Gas Mask: Training Civilians for War on Iraq
1 Feb. 2003

International Solidarity:Canadian Human Rights Activist Kidnapped by Undercover Israeli Forces in West Jerusalem
8 Jan. 2003, West Jerusalem
Neta Golan

action report: Christmas Eve In Bethlehem
27 Dec. 2002
Neve Gordon

Haaretz's Double Standard: ommissions from the Egnlish edition
12 Dec. 2002

Student Walk-Out NYC: Traffic Blocked, Union Sq. Overflow
20 Nov. 2002

Not In Our Name: Thousands On Central Park's East Meadow
6 Oct. 2002

Shministim Letter to Sharon: 215 Israeli Youths Pledge to Refuse the Occupation
17 Sep. 2002

Bethlehem After The Withdrawl
Shirabe Yamada
23 Aug. 2002, Dheisheh Refugee Camp, Occupied Palestine

Refugees on Hunger Strike in Jerusalem
Alternative Information Center
13 Aug. 2002

Another Sleepless Night + Photo Gallery
Shirabe Yamada
9 Aug. 2002, Dheisheh Refugee Camp, Occupied Palestine

Demolition Diary + Photo Gallery
Shirabe Yamada
8 Aug. 2002, Dheisheh Refugee Camp, Occupied Palestine

hi from gaza + Photo Gallery
Shirabe Yamada
3 Aug. 2002, Gaza Strip, Occupied Palestine

Confining Time
Shirabe Yamada
29 Jul. 2002, Dheisheh Refugee Camp, Occupied Palestine

No Internet, No Protests
Palestinian Human Rights Monitor Group
19 Jul. 2002

Israel Awards Special Honors Medals to Jenin and Nablus War Criminals
Sergio Yahni, AIC
4 June. 2002

State Attorney's Internal Report Reveals: Hundreds of Detainees Were Cuffed, Blindfolded For Days, On the Ground, In the Rain (also in Hebrew)
Uri Blau, Kol Ha'ir Magazine
24 May. 2002

Ta'ayush Partner, Sarah Karaje's Husband Executed
18 May. 2002

McCarthyism in Israel: Critical Professor Faces Expulsion from Haifa University
Ilan Pappe
12 May. 2002

Gaza Invasion Blue Prints Define Goals: Crush PA Institutions; Prepare Ground for New Administrationm (also in Hebrew)
Uri Blau, Kol Ha'ir Magazine
9 May. 2002

American Jews Against Israeli Government: New Jewish Coalition Wants to Take on AIPAC
Donna Spiegleman, Brit Tzedek v'Shalom, founding member
9 May. 2002

Action notes:Solidarity Visit in Beit Jalla
Yigal Bronner, Ta'ayush
5 May. 2002

new 124 signers list: Youths To Sharon: We Will Refuse to Participate In State Terrorism (see also: Hebrew)
3 May. 2002

End The Occupation Benefit Concert at The Knitting Factory
21 Apr. 2002

Photos: Solidarity March Across Brooklyn Bridge
6 Apr. 2002, NYF

War on Palestine Updates:
30 Mar. 2002

IDF Gaza Orders Were Clear: Maximize Palestinian Casualties (also in Hebrew)
Uri Blau
22 Mar. 2002, W. Jerusaelm

The Reoccupation
updated 14 Mar. 2002, 11am EST

IDF Chief Attorney's Measures Success: Over 1,000 Deaths, Only 2 Indictments (Also in Hebrew)
Uri Blau, Kol Ha'ir Magazine
1 Mar. 2002

IDF Snuff Culture 2: Troopers Toy With Corpse's Head; Elite Units Sprays Dead Bodies with Bullets (Also in Hebrew)
Uri Blau and Yosi Saidov, Kol Ha'ir Magazine
15 Feb. 2002

Jerusalem Mayor's Policy: Racial Profiling of Houses
Eyal Hareuveni, Kol Ha'ir Magazine
8 Feb. 2002

Photos: Free Palestine at the WEF Protests
2 Feb. 2002, NYC

Little Switzerland: Israel Hides Information on Refugee "Moveable Property"
Adalah News Update
28 Jan. 2002

Israel Plans 15 Hit Assassination Operation
Uri Blau, Kol Ha'ir Magazine
25 Jan. 2002

Ta'ayush Convoy Breaks Through
Neve Gordon
11 Jan. 2002

Blame It On The Sergeant (Also in Hebrew)
Uri Blau, Kol Ha'ir Magazine
11 Jan. 2002, W. Jerusalem

To Arrest or To Execute  (also in Hebrew)
Uri Blau, Kol Ha'ir Magazine
11 Jan. 2002, W. Jerusalem

Bethlehem, Christmas 2001
Shirabe Yamada
26 Dec. 2001, Dheisheh Refugee Camp

Free Palestine Vigil in NYC
5 Dec. 2001, NYC

A Year of Assassinations: The Balance Sheet
Arnon Regular, Kol Ha'ir Magazine [trnsl: http://oznik.com]
16 Nov. 2001, W. Jerusalem

4 Days of Re-Occupation + Letter From Dheisheh
Shirabe Yamada
21 Oct. 2001, NYC

Bethlehem Occupied
Shirabe Yamada
21 Oct. 2001, NYC

IDF Snuff Culture: Soldiers Publish Trophy Photos With Enemy Kill
5 Oct. 2001, W. Jerusalem
Uri Blau, Kol Ha'ir Magazine

Define Sniper Rifle Non-Lethal And Get Easier Demo Dispersal
26 Sep. 2001, W. Jerusalem
Uri Blau, Kol Ha'ir Magazine

Refusenik Letter Update
22 Sep., 2001

The New Manhattan Skyline (Also in Hebrew)
11 Sep., 2001 NYC
Oz Shelach

Israeli Citizens Applaud Durban
3 Sep., 2001

Shirabe's Report #21:
Global Campaign Against Israeli Apartheid
Shirabe Yamada
31 Aug., 2001, Durban, South African

"We Will Obey Our Conscience and Refuse to Take Part in IDF Crimes" (Also in Hebrew)
Israeli youths' letter to PM Ariel Sharon
Updated  3 Sep., 2001

From Dheisheh to Durban
Shirabe's Report From Palestine #20
 August 28, 2001

Soldiers Harass and Rob, Palestinians
Israeli Army Reluctantly Admits Widespread Practice
Gidi Weitz, Kol Ha'ir Magazine, W. Jerusalem
August 23, 2001

A Hunting Story
Executing Suspects, Israeli Police Calls it 'Interception'
August 17, 2001

Ibrahim's Homecoming
Shirabe's Report From Palestine #19
August 10, 2001

A Long Sleepless Night
Shirabe's Report From Palestine #18
August 9, 2001

Dining by the Rockets
Shirabe's Report From Palestine #17
August 5, 2001

"Israeli Soldiers Participated in the Massacre"
'Surprise in Israel by Sabra and Shatila Survivors' Testimonies in the complaint against Sharon
August 3, 2001

Israel Started Cleansing Jerusalem Right After The Occupation
Former Military Governor Confirms
July 26, 2001

Red Sparks in the Sky
Shirabe's Report From Palestine #16
July 22, 2001

Belgian Lawyer Visits Israel to Gather Evidence Against Sharon
July 20, 2001

Bethlehem on Fire
Shirabe's Report from Palestine #15
July 17, 2001

A Petition Regarding Azmi Bishara's Speech in Syria and the Brutal attacks Against him
June 13, 2001

34 Years of Occupation: How Much Longer?
A Call for Action from The Coalition of Women for A Just Peace
June 5, 2001

Israeli Citizens Appeal for International for  Intervention in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 
Apr. 27, 2001

A Sit-In by the Road Block
Shirabe's Report from Palestine #13 
Jan. 19, 2001  Dheisheh Camp

Two Prisoners' Homecoming
Shirabe's Report from Palestine #12 
Jan. 12, 2001  Dheisheh Camp

Tantoura Massacre Case Closed,  Palestinian Testimonies Prevented
Samera Esmair Reports from the Court in Tel-Aviv: 
Dec. 22, 2000, Tel-Aviv

Jews Worldwide Speak Out Against Israel's Abuse of Palestinian Human Rights
reports and epistles from communities
Dec. 11, 2000

The Blame Game in Israel and Palestine
Leila Darabi
Dec. 8, 2000

Sarah Lawrence Students Disappointed by Americans-for-Peace-Now Speaker
Dec. 8, 2000

How We Stopped Netanyahu
Berkeley activists scared him out of California
Nov. 29, 2000

Israelis & Palestinians Call to Stop The Massacre
Guerrilla-Theater by the Israeli Consulate in NYC: Video, Photos, Report
(souvenir headline, web site no longer there)

Patterns of Abuse

Ori Kleiner, Jun. 2004
 Israeli Emigrants Guide:
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