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the third way:

Neither Dictates Nor War

A petition Regarding Azmi Bishara's speech in Damascusand the brutal attacks agains him. To endorse the petition please send your name, address,phone number and profssional title / affiliation to

13 Jun. 2001

"The government of Israel is trying to shink the realm[of resistance], by putting forth a choice: either accept Israel's dictates,or face full-scale war. Thus, it is impossible to continue with a thirdway - that ofresistance- without expanding this realm once again so thatthe people can struggle and resist. Nor is it possible to expand this realmwithout a unified and internationally effective Arab political position.This is precisely the time for such a stance."

The content of MK Azmi Bishara's speech delivered in Kardaha,Syria has been tendentiously distorted as a call for all-out war. The truth is that in his speech Bishara called for the creation of a midway positionthat will prevent all-out war, but not at the cost of complete submissionto Israel's dictates.

We condemn the ferocious incitement that has threatenedMK Bishara's life and constitutes yet another climax in the on-going offensiveagainst the leadership of the Arab public in Israel.

We caution the public against the anti-democratic trendof continuously subverting the immunity of Arab Knesset members.

We support the Palestinian people's right to struggleagainst the occupation and the realization of its right to a sovereignstate.

We call for a joint Arab-Jewish struggle to prevent thewar into which the Sharon-Peres government is dragging us.

We call for political action against the policy of oppressingthe Palestinian people and in support of a genuine peace initiative.