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Citizens of Israel Applaud Durban Declarations

The following statment by Israeli citizens was written at the last moment, and signatures were collected in 24 hours, which may account for the absence of many familiar names. The organizers, Alegra Pancheo, has suggested that an additional statement, more carefully worded, may be coming soon. She can be contacted by email (removed)

3 Sep. 2001

We, citizens of Israel, applaud the various declarations coming out of Durban that Israel is an apartheid state. After 53 years of racism and discrimination, it is time for the world community to organize and publicly challenge Israeli policies against the Palestinian people. Even as we write, Israeli politicians unabashedly declare their support for Jewish supremacy and Judaization of the land, in an attempt to sustain Jewish control over 7 million Palestinians through military occupation, as second-class citizens or denial of return to their homeland.

Especially because we are citizens of this state, we see our struggle as no less than ending such apartheid and discrimination and attaining, simultaneously, political, social and economic equality for all. Your support from Durban is consistent with our view that the struggle to liberate Palestine from this regime and to return the Palestinian refugees to their homeland, is part of the global struggle to end racism, political and economic oppression and terminate the colonialist project in the Middle East. We call on you to continue your loyal solidarity with us, as we strive for freedom and dignity for every person in Palestine.