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shirabe's report from palestine:

A Long Sleepless Night

Shirabe Yamada

9 Aug. 2001, Dheisheh Refugee Camp

Dear Friends,

It's 2:45 AM in Dheisheh. Tonight, the streets were completely deserted, for everyone was fearing Israeli military actions in retaliation of today's Jerusalem suicide bombing. Right now, a pin drop could be heard on a street, except for hovering sound of Israeli military helicopters.

As I write this, Ramallah is being bombed by F16 fighter planes. Jenin is surrounded by thousands of soldiers, and Tulkarem is also being bombed. Orient House in East Jerusalem has also been occupied by the Israelis. We may be expecting some serious military aggression in Bethlehem as well. Palestinian Authority police station in town is being evacuated.

The youth dancers of Ibdaa were supposed to travel to Sweden this morning, but we have just cancelled the trip this minute. It's too dangerous to travel across the West Bank and we don't even know if the Jordanian-Israeli border will be open.

I'll write you more when I find time.



Human rights worker Shirabe Yamada is part of the Middle East Children's Alliance.