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Shirabe's Report
from Palestine

Shirabe Yamada, 2000-2002

Table of content:

Preface: Calm to the Outside - Oz shelach, June 2001

Introduction - 9 Aug. (Nagasaki Day) 1999, Jerusalem

House Demolition Continues - 17 Aug. 1999, Ramallah

The Closure: Everything Under Control - August 29, 1999, Ramallah / Jerusalem

Manufacturing Violence - September 7, 1999, Ramallah / Jerusalem

A Long Way Home - 20 Sep. 1999, Dheisheh Camp

Manar Returns to Ras Abu 'Ammar - 19 Jan. 2000, Dheisheh Camp

Pope and Rocks - 25 Mar. 2000, Dheisheh Refugee Camp

From Beirut to Bethlehem - 5 Jun. 2000, Dheisheh Refugee Camp

Leaving Palestine - 7 Aug. 2000, Dheisheh Refugee Camp

New Borders - 9 Jan. 2001, Dheisheh Refugee Camp

With the Craft Cooperatives - 10 Jan. 2001, Dheisheh Refugee Camp


Photo Gallery: Shirabe's Report from Palestine

The Children Dancing - 12 Jan. 2001, Dheisheh Refugee Camp

Two Prisoners' Homecoming - 12 Jan. 2001, Dheisheh Refugee Camp

A Sit-In by the Raodblock - 24 Mar. 2001, Ramallah

Sketches from Road Blocks - 12 Jun. 2001, Dheisheh Refugee Camp

Bethlehem on Fire - 17 Jul. 2001, Dheisheh Refugee Camp

Red Sparks in teh Sky - 22 Jul. 2001, Dheisheh Refugee Camp

Dining by the Rockets - 5 Aug. 2001, Dheisheh Refugee Camp

A Long Sleepless Night - 9 Aug. 2001, Dheisheh Refugee Camp

Ibrahim's Homecoming - 10 Aug. 2001, Dheisheh refugee camp

From Dheisheh to Durban - 28 Aug. 2001, Durban, South Africa

Global Campaign Against Israeli Apartheid - 31 Aug, 2001 Durban, South Africa

Declaration by South Africans on Apartheid Israel and the Struggle for a Democratic Secular Palestine - Palestine Solidarity Committee, 31 Aug, 2001 Durban, South Africa

Bethlehem Occupied - 21 Oct. 2001, NYC

Bethlehem Re-Occupied - 21 Oct. 2001, NYC

Bethlehem, Christmas 2001 - 26 Dec. 2001, Dheisheh Refugee Camp

The Trail of Destruction, Reoccupation update - 12 Mar. 2002, NYC

Bethlehem Update / Come to Demonstrate Today & Tomorrow! 14 Mar. 2002

Confining Time - 29 Jul. 2002, Dheisheh Refugee Camp

hi from Gaza - 3 Aug. 2002, Gaza Strip

Demolition Diary - 8 Aug. 2002, Dheisheh Refugee Camp

Another Sleepless Night - 9 Aug. 2002, Dheisheh Refugee Camp

Bethlehem After The Withdrawl - 23 Aug. 2002, Dheisheh refugee camp, Occupied Palestine

Sponsoring a Child in Palestine - updated 7 Sep. 2002 Dheisheh Refugee Camp

Preface: Calm to the Outside

Oz Shelach, June 2001

Shirabe Yamada's dispatches started arriving by email in the summer of 1999. To some these were optimistic days of calm. The Oslo process was advancing, final status talks were about to begin, and many peace supporting Israelis thought the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was about to end, if it had not been resolved already. The same holds for many in the West, informed by commercial media. The last dispatch was sent in August 2000, weeks before the outbreak of the second Intifada.

Yamada sent her Report to friends by email and it circulated far and wide. From the little room she shared with a friend in Dheisheh refugee camp Yamada helped us, her friends, and other readers, comprhend the continuing strangulation and imprisonment that that was carried out in the guise of Peace.

The letters are reproduced here with minimal editing. They tell of daily life in the camp, of trying to commute through Israeli check-points, of talking with children. They tell the story of the present and do not allow it to be broken from the past. For present and past are inseperably bound in the story of Palestine/Israel. They portray the background for what became the second Intifada.

Shirabe's Report from Palestine is important to read today, as once again the war machine is preparing for action, while Western powers and Israel are cobbling up arrangements for further dispersion and enslavement of Palestinians, and Palestinian refugees in particular. They can call it "Peace," "Agreement," "Accords," even "Cease Fire," but for the refugees it means worse confinement to smaller and smaller areas, worse violations of their human rights, worse living conditions, less room for hope.

In addition to the eight dispatches, five letters are reproduced from this last winter, Shirabe sent during a week long visit to Palestine, orgininally titled Witnessing in Palestine. These letters are shorter and describe life with the new Intifada. Two of these, "A Sit-In by the Roadblock," and "Two Prisoners' Homecoming have been available here since January.

Currently she is in Dheisheh again for the summer, and further Shirabe Reports are to be expected. They will be posted here.

Shirabe's work is a source of pride and inspiration to many, and I thank her for giving permission to republish her letters here.

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Patterns of Abuse

Ori Kleiner, Jun. 2004
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