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Camp Residents Send Love to Tali Fahima

Sent to Tali Fahima, via phone to the actor Juliano Mer Khamis

Residents of the Jenin refugee camp: Zakariya, Usamah, Esht, Adnan elHindi, Um Khaled, Um Mahmood, Um elSheikh Mahmood, the coffee seller, the cigarettes seller, the old man who speaks Hebrew

10 Jan. 2005

Dear Tali,

We have a saying that prison is a place for men; not just for men, but for "the men", in the sense of fighters and heroes. Your steadfast stance, your courage, and your faith in the justice of your deeds places you alongside those heroes from the refugee camps, and from all over Palestine.

All we can say to you is this: Well done Tali. All of your friends in the camp, and I am speaking on behalf of all the residents of the camp, are with you in your struggle against the occupation and for peace between our two peoples. The camp residents send you their love, and their great appreciation. We support you, and hope that Israelis will learn a thing or two from your acts and recognise the justice of your path.

Everyone who has dared to cross the line and to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Palestinians has been attacked as a traitor and an accessory to terrorism. We will never forget Arna Mer-Khamis, the only one who dared to join the camp and to take part with us in our struggle for liberation. She too was accused of treason. You have followed her path, and for this you are paying the heavy price.

We are willing to attend court, under the protection of an international body, and to testify that the purpose of your stay in the camp was to learn, to see and to hear with your own senses the Palestinians living under occupation, and this is what scared the state. You have become an eye-witness to the crimes of the occupation, you have become a barrier to the assassination campaign of the occupying army.

They are afraid of you, Tali. They are afraid that you will be followed by hundreds of Tali Fahimas. They are afraid that Jewish women and men will cross the fence and the barrier of fear, and will see the truth. You wanted to tell the truth to your people, so they are trying to silence you. Don’t let them. We are with you.

PS: We hope that we will again meet in the camp in the future and eat couscous together.


Translated by Ronald of Al-Awda Unity.