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We Are Not Nazis

Sami Shalom Chetrit
Jul. 2006

A poem with photos + action, aid, and update links

Call it like it is, genocide

emily jacir
18 Apr. 2006

Since the beginning of April, Israel has fired no less then 2000 artillery shells into Gaza. 26 people were murdered. No one said a word. We did not get on the front page of the New York Times, no one condemns their actions. Meanwhile the Israeli ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people continues and takes on a multitude of forms - so many in fact that it is hard to keep up or even begin to speak about how all these devices create a massive network of forces to wipe us off the face of the earth...

Poet Aharon Shabtai Bans International Poetry Festival in Jerusalem

3 Jan. 2006

Email exchange between Shabtai and festival organizer shows that invitations were also sent to Adonis, Adrienne Rich, Manuel Alegre, Goeffrey Hill, and Tomas Tranströmer. (drop them a line, anyone?)

'Eyb, Heshumah, Infajrat Qunbula: Towards a History of Mizrahim and Arabic

Zvi Ben Dor
English by oznik.com
23 Nov. 2005

Mizrahim's relations with the Arabic language are as problematic as their relations with the Arabs, perhaps even more so. The foggy zone between Hebrew and Arabic has a history that forces us to look at the entire Arabic-speaking space, not solely at "Israeli Society" as the exclusive theater wherein Mizrahi history takes place.

Jenin Camp Residents Send Love

Residents of the Jenin refugee camp: Zakariya, Usamah, Esht, Adnan elHindi, Um Khaled, Um Mahmood, Um elSheikh Mahmood, the coffee seller, the cigarettes seller, the old man who speaks Hebrew
10 Jan. 2005

Free Tali FahimaSent to Tali Fahima, via phone to the actor Juliano Mer Khamis: "Dear Tali, We have a saying that prison is a place for men; not just for men, but for "the men", in the sense of fighters and heroes. Your steadfast stance, your courage, and your faith in the justice of your deeds places you alongside those heroes from the refugee camps, and from all over Palestine..."

special coverage: International Campaign to Free Tali Fahima, Daphna Baram: Rebels Must Be Middle Class, Interview with Tali Fahima, Support Petition, Who Is Afraid of Tali Fahima, Lin Chalozin Dovrat

In Times of Crisis

Yael Lerer
16 Nov. 2004

"I was invited to talk about OUR times of crisis—that of Israelis and Palestinians. But before I address THE WORD in times of crisis, I would like to say a few words about THE CRISIS ITSELF. There is no “time of crisis” in Israel/Palestine. There is a permanent state of conflict between colonizer and colonized, occupier and occupied, the privileged and the disenfranchised."

also in: Spanish

sharon short story contest:
The Winner: Katherine Ludwig
30 Oct. 2004

"The Glory of Might" by Katherine Ludwig of Peekskill, NY is the winner of the first ever ARIEL SHARON SHORT STORY CONTEST. Congratulations. We apologize for the delay in posting the results. 

Hebrew Entries (translators needed): 


Jack Hirschman
30 Oct. 2004

"In their little heads, in their doorways and beds,
they wish they may, they wish they might
bury you..."


"The Mission Has Not Failed"

Gilad Elbom
29 Oct. 2004

Free Tali FahimaAn idea for a science fiction movie. Excerpted from Scream Queens of the Dead Sea, recently published by Thunder's Mouth Press.





A Vision of Joint Life
Activists, Intellectuals Recognize the Right to Return

Prof. Anat Biletzki, Andre Draznin, Haim Hanegbi, Yehudith Harel, Michel (Micado) Warschawski, Oren Medicks
English version: oznik.com
12 Jul. 2004

The following document is circulating on email and is already arousing some serious discussion. It was written in a series of meetings in Givat Olga, and was titled after the location, The Olga Document.

Full Text 

A Letter to a Liaison Officer
Chaim Feldman
11 Jul. 2004

The following document is circulating on email and is already arousing some serious discussion. It was written in a series of meetings in Givat Olga, and was titled after the location, The Olga Document.

Full Text    

Occupying Hebron
Shovrim Shtika - Breaking the slience
30 Jun. 2004

Closing a school, abusing civilians at a check point, following orders, staying in a family's comandeered home, posing for trophy photos with enemy bodies, being the law, enjoying power, feeling ashamed, getting addicted to controlling people, dispersing a funeral, wanting to forget, not caring, the ease in which you actually do whatever you want to do unsupervised, the unbearable lightness of these things that happen. 12,643 words of testimonies

Full Text    

Now in English:
Dancing Arabs by Sayed Kashua

Daphna Baram
first posted here on 18 Jan. 2002

After winning the hearts of both readers and critics in Israel, and in several European editions, Sayed Kashua's first novel, Arabs Dancing, is finally out in the US. A toast proposed at the original book launch party

Full Text    




Welcome Back, Mordechai
Sami Shalom Chetrit
Translated by Rami Heilbronn
published in Hebrew on Mizrahi Portal Kedma on 18 Apr. 2004

To Mordechai, Dear brother and hero,

I am sending you a greeting to welcome you out – from the bottom of my heart, and from many others, on your deliverance from the Zionist jail. I wish that you may very soon be able to depart the Zionist-Ashkenazi Ghetto called the State of Israel...

Full Text    

Third Ritual of Truce --
First Confession of Wrongdoing
excerpt from Rituals of Truce and the Other Israeli
by Benjamin Hollander*
Berkeley: Parrhesia Press, 2004

Dear Raja,

    I dream I am Ariel Sharon. But the Ariel Sharon I dream is not the man who perpetrated “the incomprehensible massacre” in Sabra and Shatila nor the man who boastfully walked to the al-Aqsa Mosque, but rather the one in almost every Jew — even the Jew for whom Ariel Sharon is a nightmare — whose bunkered identity has been shaped and manipulated by fears of being sold out by the world for oil and which the insanity of his nationalist mythologies have conditioned him to assume and defend because he has come to trust no one . . .

Full Text    


From the Israeli Press:
Don't Use My Mother's Blood
Tamara Schreiber
29 Feb 2004, Haaretz (Hebrew edition only)
translated by Daphna Baram

Israeli journalist Tamara Schreibner, who lost her mother in a bus bombing rejects the annexation of terrorist victims to the occupation propaganda machine

Full Text  

Fiction: The Death of Ariel Sharon
Andrew L. Wilson
24 Oct 2003

From the Hebrew Press:
"A Small Country, With a Moustache"
Yehuda Nuriel
10 Oct 2003, Zman Tel-Aviv

My Glorious Brothers: Breaking Ranks by Ronit Chacham
Daphna Baram
9 July 2003, Oxford

Document: "Some of us have lived through 1939", email exchange between the American Physical Society, and Dr. Daniel Amit
posted 12 May 2003

Special Project: Refusenik Songs

updated 26 Feb 2003

Haaretz's Double Standard: ommissions from the Egnlish edition
12 Dec. 2002

Distraction, Fear, and Self Adulation
6 Oct. 2002
Neve Gordon

9/11 Anniversary:

Jews! Stand Up and Be Counted!
Uri Davis
11 Apr. 2002

Sharon Strives for War
Neve Gordon
2 Mar. 2002

Sayed Kashu'a's new Book (Also in Hebrew)
Daphna Baram
18 Jan. 2002

Running Into The Murderer
Neta Golan, Ta'ayush
From an email distributed by Rabbis For Human Rights

Who Defines "Terrorism, How, And To What End?
Neve Gordon

The New Manhattan Skyline (Also in Hebrew)
11 Sep., 2001 NYC
Oz Shelach

Israeli Citizens Applaud Durban
3 Sep., 2001

Letter From A refusnik
David Hacham-Herson, Military Prison No. 4, Israel
August 5, 2001

Notes  from a visit to Palestine/Israel
Oz Shelach
July 8, 2001

A Petition Regarding Azmi Bishara's Speech in Syria and the Brutal attacks Against him
June 13, 2001

Ohel Yizkor for the Nakba (Also in Hebrew)
A review of Emily Jacir's Memorial to 418 Palestinian Villages which were Destroyed-Depopulated and Occupied by Israel in 1948, P.S.1 Museum International Studio Program, The Clocktower Gallery, NYC.. 
Oz Shelach 
May 21, 2001

More Than Just A Tent 
A Memorial for destroyed Palestinian Villages at PS1 Museum in NYC, and
the community that helped make it 
Apr. 2001, NYC

Israeli Citizens Appeal for International for  Intervention in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 
Apr. 27, 2001

Sabba, how do you say, in Hebrew, Decolonization?
Oz Shelach 
Apr. 6, 2001

Vote NO! for Chief-Occupation-Administrator
Elections Guerrila-Art: Eynat Leader, David Goss, Ido Amin, Oz Shelach, 
Jan. 17, 2001

Patterns of Abuse

Ori Kleiner, Jun. 2004
 Israeli Emigrants Guide:

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