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civil resistance in lebanon



We Are Not Nazis

Conversation fragments with A.Y.: an Israeli Jew responds to the Lebanon Atrocities.

Sami Shalom Chetrit

Jul. 2006

Write it, write it down, black on white,
To all the Arabs, and the Arab-lovers,
And the bleeding heart traitors,
Let's make one thing clear, first of all,
Before you open your mouths
With comparisons and self-loathing,
We are not Nazis!
And there is only one Holocaust,
There never was and never will be another.
There is no dispute! Period.

not nazis, israel invades lebanon

What's that?
What do you want from me?
What is this picture?
You want me to cry?
Go on,
It's not even a massacre.
One child?!
One child -- compared one and a half million children!?
What's wrong with you, are you twisted?
Or are you trying to make me laugh,
So you can say "what an evil man,"
But I'm not crazy, I have a heart,
I am not laughing, nor crying,
But I am mad!
You, and everyone who is behind this,
Are you writing? Write this:
It is a vicious attempt to tar the People of Israel with a broad brush,
But it won't help you!
We're not Nazis!
We are the victims,
Any child can see that,
Even today,
And write this down again:
There was only one Holocaust,
There never was and never will be another.

not nazis, israel invades lebanon

It really breaks your heart, But I don't lose my head like you do.
More pictures of children? All right,
How many more children? Two more? Three? Four?
Fifty? Take a hundred children, just for the arithmetic,
To shut you up once and for all,
What are a hundred -- compared to a million? And I'm rounding it up, for you.
One hundred don't make you a Nazi; neither do one thousand,
And all in self defense -- we're not murderers, I want to make that clear!
Don't turn it upside down
With all kinds of comparisons --
We're not killing anybody,
Were fighting for our lives.
Write, how come you're smiling, write this:
You can't say it,
We're not Nazis,
And there is only one Holocaust,
There never was and never will be another,
Never Again! Never Again!
We won't let you!

not nazis, israel invades lebanon

So, what do you want now? Get off my back.
What are you trying to do, shock me?
Where did all those pictures come from, anyhow?
Who's the crazy person who stands around photographing dead children?
Do they have no heart? Beasts.
And where are the parents, huh? Tell me, where are the parents
Of all those dead kids? Before you open up your traps
Show me where in the Holocaust you had Jewish terrorist parents,
Or parents who load up their children's minds
With shit and blind hate?
Show me.

not nazis, israel invades lebanon

Oh, you're making me laugh. You call that hate?
Aren't you an intellectual?
Innocent girls sleeping for a week in bomb shelters,
And because of who, huh? Not because their parents,
Because of what? Write this: just because they're Jewish.
And show me any hate here? They're just letting off a little steam, so what?
Get off my back you war monger
And before you open your trap and start all the junk,
Write this for the thousandth time:
There is only one Holocaust,
There never was and never will be another.
I've said my piece.
If you don't like it --
Go drink up the sea in Gaza.
Or in Beirut.

From Hebrew: Dena Shunra


Sami Shalom Chetrit is a teacher, poet, scholar of society and culture in Israel, and an activist for peace and justice. He edits the Mizrahi Portal, Kedma. Chetrit's recent books include The Mizrahi Struggle in Israel: 1948 - 2003 (Am Oved), and Poems in Ashdodian (Andalus).